Ensuring the Alignment of IT Systems and Services with Business Needs 

Braestone was commissioned by Lawcover, a Sydney based provider of specialised insurance products, to develop an enterprise architecture strategy for the organisation that provided a clear definition of the information systems and services required to meet current and future business needs. 

Braestone commenced the assignment by developing an understanding of the business opportunities and challenges facing Lawcover. Following close engagement with senior business stakeholders to fully understand current services, processes, future directions and initiatives, a series of target architectures were developed. These covered information, applications and technology infrastructure requirements, addressing the needs of the organisation moving forward. A roadmap of recommendations was also produced and adopted, which has served to provide scope and direction for all significant technology related initiatives subsequently undertaken by Lawcover. 

Braestone has been retained by Lawcover to assist across a range of areas since the completion of the enterprise architecture strategy, including through the provision of delivery management and procurement related advisory services.

Braestone has been assisting Lawcover for over 4 years across a range of critical technology-related initiatives. We value their independent, practical advice and the strategic perspective they bring to our IT discussions.
Kerrie Lalich, Chief Executive Officer 

Department of Fire and Emergency Services

A Trusted Long-Term Architecture Services Partnership

Braestone has been a provider of Architecture Services for the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) for more than 10 years.

Braestone’s services are provided through an exclusive, multi-year architecture services agreement. This has allowed for development of a deep understanding of the architectural needs of DFES and, a trusted long-term technology services partnership. 

Braestone’s architects understand the business opportunities, challenges and strategies driving DFES. Braestone has leveraged extensive experience and specific organisational knowledge to determine appropriate solutions that will address current and future business needs.  

Over the years, Braestone solution architects have played a vital role in the technical design of many of the Department’s most critical projects and programs, covering a wide range of areas including critical messaging, automated vehicle location tracking, portal development, mobility solutions and the replacement of core 24×7 emergency response systems.

Braestone is a strategic partner for the agency, providing architecture services since 2014. The professionalism of their consultants is second to none, and they form an integral part of our team. With a consistently high standard of delivery they are trusted advisors to the business, and continue to provide great value to the agency in helping us achieve the best possible outcomes.
Cameron Gibbs, Manager Strategy, Planning & Architecture