Social Responsibility 

Social Responsibility and Braestone’s Commitment to Giving Back to the Community

We recognise that we, at Braestone, have a wealth of expertise which can have a beneficial impact on not-for-profit and charitable groups. Braestone is committed to regularly contributing our time and advice to those who make a positive impact in the community.

Our work with a range of not-for-profit and social sector organisations endeavours to support our clients by enabling them to do more for the people they serve. Our work has included provision of strategic advisory services, guidance regarding technology strategies, risk assessments, project management of software implementations, process improvements and change management.

We have worked with organisations from across the social sector including aged care, disability services and mental health. Our clients include the Lion’s Eye Institute, Chorus (formerly Community Care Force), Multiple Sclerosis WA, St Ives, St Bartholomew’s House and Uniting Care West.

Most recently we worked with the Women’s Legal Services (WSL) who provide legal advice and work to improve access to justice for women in WA. Braestone reviewed the organisation’s IT infrastructure and provided an IT strategy which will enable the prioritisation of funding to improve the management, performance, and resilience of the IT ecosystem.

We like what Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to say “… if you want to be a true professional, you will do something outside yourself… something that makes life a little better for people less fortunate than you.”

Competentia Group

CoExtracting Value from a Global Merger

Braestone was engaged to assist with the merger of two global recruitment companies, Dare-Energy and Compententia.  To better understand the scope and complexity of the assignment, Braestone undertook an initial organisational diagnostic.

This analysis enabled the development of a clear articulation of the strategic purpose, objectives and value of the merger. It also provided insights as to the extent of the complexity of the merger and provided the basis for a well-informed merger integration plan. This integration ‘roadmap’ identified opportunities to extract value from organisational synergies, potential merger risks and the key implementation journey activities, critical milestones and the dependencies between the major activities.

Braestone worked with both organisations to support the merger. The outcome was a smooth and timely transition of people, processes and technologies with benefits tracking processes being established to harvest the value of the merger in coming years.

You contributed greatly and were a big part of the reason for the successful outcome of the merger and the great shape we are in with the integration.  You kept at it and in the end achieved a great outcome not only for Competentia but also for the employees of Dare.
– Jayden Wallis, CEO of the Competentia Group

Water Corporation

Delivery Assurance to Ensure Intended Business Outcomes Are Delivered 

The Water Corporation was in the delivery phase of a crucial business system replacement and required an independent assessment to validate that the organisation was on track to deliver the intended business outcomes. 

This core legacy business system was nearing the end of life, and the implementation of the replacement system was well progressed. As an independent consultancy, free from vendor affiliations, Braestone was engaged to provide an objective assessment of the project’s progress and likelihood of success. This included undertaking a comprehensive project health check including an appraisal of the project implementation methodology, project performance, resource management, schedule and budget management, vendor management, the quality of the deliverables and outputs and project governance. 

Braestone conducted a range of stakeholder interviews and group workshops and reviewed extensive project documentation. The project methodology and approach was also assessed against industry best practice. 

The project scope, objectives and anticipated outcomes were validated, and detailed findings were presented to the Executive. The root causes of issues were identified and analysed, and several prioritised recommendations were made. The conclusion of the review provided advice structured into practical, actionable steps. 

The engagement with Braestone provided an independent view of key areas of opportunity to improve the quality of its delivery and governance functions. Braestone’s delivery was brutally honest, clear and concise which ultimately provided us with the best way to move forward.
– Jane Mitchell, Head of Information and Technology Services

Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage

Providing a Roadmap for Digital Transformation 

Braestone led the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage’s reform of its IT operating model, which needed to better meet the growing digital demands of the organisation and support the Department’s delivery of services to the Western Australia community. 

An in-depth environment scan and capability maturity assessment was conducted to determine a baseline of current IT services. Based on the Department’s strategic objectives and through extensive stakeholder engagement, a future state operating model was then developed. 

The recommendations and accompanying implementation roadmap developed by Braestone provided the Department with a structured, prioritised plan to transform its IT branch. The new operating model will enable the delivery of ‘best of breed’ digital services and solutions that meet the demands of the business and enable IT to become a transformative partner for the customers that the Department serves. 

The Department engaged Braestone to review our operating model and develop an enterprise architecture roadmap. Braestone were professional and very knowledgeable across these fields, delivering high quality products to support the transformation of the Department’s ICT directorate.
– Kathlene Oliver, Assistant Director General