Smart strategic thinking to navigate the opportunities presented by digital technologies.

Many organisations are unprepared for their digital future. Traditional models of IT service delivery are no longer responsive or flexible enough to meet the fast-moving demands of digital business. In this environment, strategic planning is essential. Projects must be designed, developed, managed and delivered appropriately.

Braestone has a proven approach to strategy development and execution. We work closely with your business stakeholders to understand the potential benefits of digitisation by examining your business direction, core business activities and operational constraints. This includes an examination of your information systems capabilities and whether they can effectively support your digital journey. Our strategy services are supported by a range of complementary advisory services, including business case development, digital readiness assessments, health check reviews and related assurance services.

Traditional business models are being transformed by the impact of new and emerging digital technologies. Customer expectations are changing rapidly, and organisations are struggling to keep up.  Braestone can assist with the identification of specific organisational opportunities presented by leveraging digital technologies.  We provide a range of strategic options and recommendations, supported by implementation roadmaps, and the governance models which provide the oversight needed to deliver effective digital change.

Digital Strategy

To remain competitive, organisations must adopt digital technologies that improve the customer experience and provide opportunities to streamline existing business processes.

Braestone develops digital strategies that enable organisations to make the most of the opportunities arising from digitisation and navigate digital disruption. This is a unique journey for each organisation and involves more than the implementation of new technology.  Braestone’s approach to the development of digital strategies includes:

  • Industry Vision – evaluation of the impact and extent of digitisation and digital disruption in an organisation’s industry and the opportunities and challenges this presents.
  • Ambition – collaboration with internal stakeholders and employees, to build awareness and assess how ready a business is to go on the digital journey, and architecting a digital platform.
  • Design – specification of the information, systems and technology required to transition to a digital organisation, drawing on the expertise of Braestone’s enterprise architecture services.
  • Delivery – planning and delivery of each phase of the digital journey in an agile and customer-centric fashion.
  • Scale – identification of strategies to expand the rollout of delivered solutions across an entire business.
  • Refine – review and planning for subsequent phases of the digital journey.

Cloud Adoption

Migrating an organisation’s IT services to the Cloud is more than just a technology exercise. The migration involves changes to the way in which IT is organised, and the way IT costs are managed. Cloud IT enables organisations to leverage high quality, commoditised IT services at a unitised cost without the requirement for recurring capital investment to maintain technology currency. In planning Cloud migration, there are a number of critical elements that must be taken into consideration. Braestone’s consultants are well versed in the technical and business options available when adopting Cloud solutions. They have the broad infrastructure experience required to understand a client’s existing environment from network, storage, computing power and telephony perspectives so that the organisation can be confident that its new IT environment will accommodate all requirements. Our infrastructure architects build and quantify the cost of a Cloud migration, and recommend a support model for the future state technology architecture. The broader Braestone team will assist you to leverage the true power of the Cloud by executing a comprehensive Cloud migration project.

Business Case Development & Benefits Management

A business case provides an evidence-based justification for a business investment. It articulates the associated business drivers, options, benefits, risks and costs to arrive at a well-informed rationale. Braestone has developed business cases that have helped public and private organisations identify and justify proposed initiatives. We ensure that any investment or allocation of assets and resources is underpinned by a defensible business need and supported by robust investment analysis.

A successful organisation needs to anticipate, measure and optimise the beneficial results from any investment, as this is fundamental to effective portfolio management and successful project and program delivery. Benefits management is a disciplined, structured approach to ensuring that the desired business outcomes articulated in a business case are realised. Braestone works with organisations to develop benefits management frameworks that ensure that desired business results are clearly defined, align with business strategy and goals, and provide a compelling case for the proposed investment. Braestone establishes a disciplined, structured approach for identifying, planning, measuring and tracking benefits throughout the full lifecycle of a project or program. We ensure that through effective management, the business benefits that initially justified the investment are successfully realised.

Sourcing & Procurement

For organisations to meet the ever-increasing demands of the modern business environment, IT must provide flexible, scalable, responsive and reliable services. Delivering this using only internal resources and traditional models is not always feasible.  To be successful, IT services must be sourced from a flexible combination of internal, external and Cloud-based sources.

Braestone has extensive sourcing and procurement experience, including the development of sourcing strategies and procurement plans, and the management of procurement and evaluation processes. We also offer contract formation, planning and contract services. Braestone can develop and implement overarching sourcing frameworks and sourcing governance structures.

Service Integration & Management

In an environment where the specialism of multiple suppliers and solutions is increasingly required to deliver best-in-class services, service integration and management is the glue that binds many component parts into a cohesive end-to-end service. This area of expertise provides seamless, integrated services that effectively and efficiently meet the needs of businesses.