Designing and delivering analytics-enabled business intelligence capabilities that provide the insights needed for successful operations.

Business intelligence and analytics are the central components of successful digital architecture. Relevant and timely information and insights are some of an organisation’s most valuable assets – vital to driving and improving the digital business. Intelligence and analytics provide the data, information and insights that drive better long-term business performance and ultimately, success. Without them, businesses are driving blind.

Braestone works closely with teams to develop the internal capabilities needed to operate an information-driven organisation. We undertake detailed assessments of an organisation’s current capabilities, then develop a roadmap for the design and build of solutions. We develop and implement the necessary policies, procedures and standards to ensure every investment realises the expected benefits.



Information & Knowledge Management

With reliance on digital and online technologies, good management of underpinning information assets is increasingly critical. Braestone recognises that good information management doesn’t just happen. It must be effectively planned for and implemented with strong management. Braestone’s strategic planning approach assists organisations to determine their information management maturity. We identify and prioritise information assets and examine the effectiveness of information, business intelligence, reporting and analytics, and document and records management systems. Our approach includes the development of target maturity levels and an implementation roadmap of recommended initiatives to improve overall information management capabilities.

Data Analytics

In an increasingly digital world, the volume and variety of information being collected by organisations is growing exponentially, and the importance of understanding and deriving value from this data is increasingly critical. More and more smart organisations are turning to data analytics to leverage their data assets effectively. We help organisations to create opportunities to innovate, understand customers, generate business opportunities, improve forecasting, reduce risk, drive efficiencies and improve the bottom line.

Braestone develops data management strategies that identify an organisation’s critical information assets and recommend processes, guidelines and standards to help leverage the resulting data effectively. We can help with the development of a supporting data management framework to enable the capture of raw data across all key data sources, and consolidate and structure data to make it accessible and understandable. We can design necessary reporting and analytics capabilities to provide business insights that deliver real business benefits through smarter decision-making.