Independent insights and pragmatic, actionable advice.

The disruptive power of digital technologies means that having effective, adaptable strategies is more important than ever.  Braestone’s advisory services cover a range of areas including digital, enterprise architecture, customer engagement and innovation strategy development and execution.

Braestone’s broad range of advisory services ensures that information systems, services and related capabilities meet an organisation’s needs and addresses the challenges of an increasingly digital world.

Braestone offers a range of capability assessment services that determine whether systems are fit for purpose and whether an IT organisation has the technical skills, experience and level of agility necessary to support digital systems and services. Our advisory services include project health checks, assurance reviews of in-flight projects and programs, and independent risk management assessments to ensure that IT-related initiatives meet their objectives and deliver maximum business value.

Business Insights

Insight is the ability to see challenges in a new way and discover better solutions. It allows for a more accurate, deeper understanding of business challenges and opportunities.

Braestone provides business insights and advises organisations on how to define business objectives, manage operations, improve performance and realise goals. Whether developing new strategies, transforming a business or refreshing an existing operating model, Braestone’s consultants can help.

IT Capability Assessments

The emerging digital world places pressure on IT organisations to enhance their service delivery models and provide increasingly responsive and agile services. In this disruptive new digital world, traditional ‘plan build run’ models of service delivery do not apply and new skills must be learnt. These include an increasing focus on Cloud vendor management, architecture management, services management and business relationship management. Collaboration and innovation also have to be championed and supported by the contemporary IT organisation.

Braestone takes a maturity assessment approach to objectively assessing an organisation’s IT capabilities. We look at existing capabilities and recommend areas for improvement, supported by an implementation roadmap of initiatives necessary to address any shortcomings. We look at IT structures and recommend potential changes to improve overall levels of effectiveness, along with any cultural changes needed to support IT capability improvements.

Assurance Reviews

Braestone is well placed to undertake reviews of business-critical projects and programs, as an independent organisation free from vendor affiliations. Our assurance reviews can be provided from either a portfolio, program, project or technical perspective, depending on the environment and specific assistance required. We can conduct periodic, point-in-time health check reviews, assessing and reporting on current state performance. We also provide continuous, ongoing monitoring and measuring assurance services that ensure initiatives remain outcomes-focused and maintain a high quality of delivery. Where required, we can also offer ongoing coaching and mentoring to assist internal stakeholders in the effective management of program and project implementation activities.