Our Services

Our work is complex, but our mission is simple: to create better, brighter businesses that are ready for the modern operating environment.

Our service offering is comprehensive, from determining the root causes of key issues and identifying risks, to advising on actions, strategy and architecture to create a solid path forward and implementing technology and solutions that empower organisations.

We operate as a true partner, working closely with organisations to turn challenges that feel insurmountable into solutions by following practical, actionable steps.

Braestone offers a range of specialised consulting services across a number of key areas.

Because no two organisations are the same, no two solutions should be either. To ensure we meet the unique needs of our clients, we draw on a range of flexible methodologies to deliver solutions that are truly customised.

Our approach is rigorous and tailored for the modern operating environment, enabling organisations to take full advantage of information and digital technologies that directly improve business outcomes.


  • Capability Assessments
  • Assurance Reviews

The disruptive power of digital technologies means that having effective, adaptable strategies is more important than ever.  Our advisory services cover a range of areas including digital, enterprise architecture, customer engagement and innovation strategy development and execution.



  • Digital Strategy
  • Cloud Adoption
  • Business Case Development & Benefits Management
  • Sourcing & Procurement
  • Service Integration & Service Management

Many organisations are unprepared for their digital future. Traditional models of IT service delivery are no longer responsive or flexible enough to meet the fast-moving demands of digital business. In this environment, strategic planning is essential. Projects must be designed, developed, managed and delivered appropriately.



  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Cloud Architecture
  • Integration Architecture

In an emerging digital world, technology is increasingly complex as it seeks to address growing customer and staff expectations for secure, responsive, personalised services delivered in real time. Effective and efficient architecture capabilities are vital, guiding organisations through their digital journey.



  • Project & Program Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Organisational Change Management
  • Architecture & Project Office Establishment & Management

Delivery services cover the broad-scale management of specified scopes of work within finite time, quality and budget constraints. This area of expertise ensures that desired project outcomes are delivered, intended benefits realised and all pre-determined success criteria are achieved.



  • Information & Knowledge Management
  • Data Analytics

Business intelligence and analytics are the central components of successful digital architecture. Relevant and timely information and insights are some of an organisation’s most valuable assets – vital to driving and improving the digital business. Intelligence and analytics provide the data, information and insights that drive better long-term business performance and ultimately, success. Without them, businesses are driving blind.