Managing Business Critical Programs


While newly emerging digital technologies are transforming business operating models and the way customers engage with organisations, the complexities of deploying them remain a significant challenge. Braestone specialises in helping organisations manage and deliver major IT related programs of work. We do this by deploying small specialised teams with a blend of skills covering Program Management, Solution Architecture, Organisational Change Management and Business Analysis. Braestone can take responsibility for the full project lifecycle – from initial concept, business case development, through to full implementation and benefits realisation.

Where a program requires the engagement of third party suppliers, our vendor independence allows us to be impartial in helping select appropriate vendor solutions.

Braestone currently has project teams managing some of the largest IT projects currently underway within Western Australia.

Experience in this area includes:

Curtin University – Digital Transformation Program

Braestone provided a combined team of Project Management, Change Management and Solution Architecture resources over a two-year period to assist Curtin deliver this multi-million-dollar program of work to replace ageing systems and build new IT capabilities for the organisation.


Department of Fire and Emergency Services – Critical Business System Replacement

This major project involves the replacement of a highly complex critical business system that is core to managing the organisation’s delivery of emergency services. Braestone is providing the Project Management, and Solution and Integration Architecture services for this major multi-million dollar initiative that will replace the current system and fully integrate it into the legacy IT environment.


Western Australia State Government Department – Business System Replacement Program

Braestone is providing the program management services to oversee all aspects of this multi-year, critical multi-million dollar critical business system replacement.


Western Australia Based National Corporation – HR System Implementation

In this engagement, Braestone provided the Project Management services for a new competency management system for this corporate customer. This project required the management of a large multinational COTS vendor, ensuring they met agreed performance guidelines, budgets and schedules.