Realising the ‘Digital’ Organisation


In the ‘digital’ organisation, information is online, current, secure, personalised, and delivered to a customer’s preferred channel.

Business processes and communications are optimised using workflow enabled technologies. In this digital world, real-time indicators are readily available on operational and service performance levels.

The associated benefits with this approach include process and supply chain optimisation, business agility, improved customer experience and satisfaction, more productive staff and a more scalable business operating model.

Like any significant technology investment, a clear vision that is both ambitious and achievable is critical to gain traction with stakeholders. To support the vision, an accurate picture of the current business and technology landscape is critical, as is effective stakeholder engagement and governance.

Without this, digital initiatives are likely to fail because of:

  • Cost blowouts due to poor project controls;
  • Disillusioned customers and stakeholders;
  • Poor business and technology choices; or
  • Reduced scope leading to reduced business benefits.

Braestone can help you avoid these pitfalls. We have managed a number of major digital transformation projects for customers, including the following:


Department of Commerce – Architecture and Organisational Change Management Services

Braestone developed a new portal architecture for Department of Commerce who was seeking to build new online licensing and self-service capabilities. During this engagement, Braestone also provided Organisational Change Management services to support the delivery of internal process and reporting changes underpinning the initiative.


Major Western Australia University – Digital Transformation Project

Braestone provided project and change management implementation services to assist this university over a 12-month period to migrate 180 units of course material to an online digital delivery platform. In this role Braestone was responsible for the project and change management activities and facilitated the procurement of third party technical services to be engaged on the project.


Curtin University – Digital Transformation Program

Braestone provided a combined team of project, change management and solution architecture resources over a two-year period to assist Curtin University to deliver this multi-million program of work to replace ageing systems and build new IT capabilities for the organisation.