Controlling IT Costs

controlling IT costs


Many IT organisations are struggling to meet the current demands of internal and external customers. They are so consumed with day to day tactical issues that they struggle to prepare for the challenges associated with delivering newly emerging digital services that customers are coming to expect.

Similarly, many organisations have an ongoing concern with controlling IT costs, coupled with limited levels of satisfaction with the services they receive.

In this environment, IT organisations need to look closely at their capabilities and value proposition. The internal IT organisation needs to move from a traditional ‘Plan, Build, Run’ model of service delivery to one where IT is focused on brokering effectively managed services from a range of different providers, including providers of Cloud-based infrastructure, platforms, and software.

Braestone has considerable experience in helping organisations review their current IT organisational environments and controlling IT costs, including assisting with the planning and delivery of new IT operating models, brokering of service providers and the development of new skills and capabilities to drive higher value services.

Examples of this work include:

Large Multinational Oil and Gas Company – Sourcing and Procurement Strategy

Braestone was commissioned to undertake the development of a sourcing and procurement strategy for this multinational organisation in support of two major capital works projects. The engagement included a current state assessment, during which the existing sourcing process was reviewed and the current internal and external service capacity and capability determined. The subsequent development of a Sourcing Framework comprised recommended principles, models, guidelines and a decision process required to move disparate project sourcing to a centralised, coordinated strategic managed level.


Curtin University – IT Capability Review

Braestone undertook a review of the structure and capabilities of Curtin University’s IT Services and recommended amendments to roles and responsibilities across the organisation. The focus of changes was on building additional capabilities in the architecture, sourcing and procurement and service management areas. Braestone was retained to assist with implementing the recommendations providing change management consulting and advisory services to senior management.


PTTEP Australasia – IT Review

Braestone was engaged by PTTEP Australasia to undertake a comprehensive review of their IT organisation. Specific focus was placed on the composition of the existing IT budget with a view to identifying budget savings without compromising overall operational effectiveness. As a result of the review, improvements were made to the management of software and hardware infrastructure licensing arrangements, sourcing and procurement strategies and overall IT governance and IT investment processes.