Managing Cloud Migration Risks


Cloud migration is a significant challenge to organisations. The migration of in-house technology infrastructure and applications, including server, network and telephony capabilities to a consumption-based Cloud service is becoming increasingly accepted as a viable strategy for many organisations.

The benefits of this approach include reduced capital expenditure, enhanced services, improved service levels and scalability. It can also mean a reduction in the need to maintain technical operational staff to maintain in-house environments.

Many organisations remain reluctant to embark fully on a Cloud-based approach because of the perceived risks involved. These range from data sovereignty and security concerns through to the risk of vendor lock-in. The migration to cloud should not be undertaken lightly and should be based on sound business reasons.

Braestone can perform a comprehensive technical and financial analysis of the current IT environment of an organisation and develop a sound business case for the appropriate cloud migration option for an organisation.

The importance of good procurement processes and subsequent ongoing vendor management discipline is paramount in ensuring the satisfactory ongoing provision of services by Cloud vendors. Braestone has helped a number of organisations in this regard.

Specifically, Braestone’s service offerings have been utilised by a number of organisations:


Chorus (Western Australia Not For Profit Community Care Provider) – Infrastructure Outsourcing

Chorus is a not for profit community care provider in Western Australia. Braestone was engaged by Chorus for the development of requirements and a Request for Proposal to go to market for a range of Cloud-based infrastructure and telecommunication services providers. Braestone managed the entire initiative from initial stakeholder engagement through to the evaluation of tender responses.


Western Australia State Government Department – GovNext Cloud Migration Support

Braestone was commissioned to undertake the Solution Architecture and vendor options analysis activities associated with migrating this Department to the newly provisioned WA Government GovNext service. This role required significant senior levels of engagement across the organisations and in depth discussions with vendor organisations, resulting in the successful definition of an endorsed target architecture and plan for implementation.


Curtin University – Software as a Service Deployment

Braestone undertook the Project Management and related Integration Architecture activities associated with the implementation of Oracle’s RightNow customer relationship management system across the university. This included going to market for an iPaaS (Integration Platforms as a Service) solution to provide a Cloud-based services integration capability between on premise systems and the Cloud based RightNow product. Braestone assisted the procurement process through the specification of technical requirements and the management and evaluation of vendor responses.